Chayan Dutta

Assam’s North Lakhimpur Cheers for Chandrayaan-3 Moon Mission Led by Local Son


The launch of ‘Chandrayaan-3,’ India’s third lunar mission, was a moment of pride and excitement for the people of Assam’s North Lakhimpur. They eagerly watched the launch on television, knowing that one of their own, Chayan Dutta, played a crucial role in the mission’s success. Let’s delve into why North Lakhimpur rallied behind the Chandrayaan-3 moon mission.

The eyes of North Lakhimpur were glued to the television as Chayan Dutta’s parents, running a small shop in the town, witnessed the historic launch. Chayan Dutta, the Deputy Project Director responsible for the mission’s launch control operations, has deep roots in North Lakhimpur. His proud father, Ranjit Dutta, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support and sought continued blessings for his son’s future achievements.

Despite their modest background, Chayan’s family was overjoyed to have a few friends join them in celebrating this special moment. The senior Dutta, managing his cutlery and cooking items shop, multitasked between attending customers and receiving well-wishes. The town’s residents, while making purchases, also extended their congratulations to the parents, making it a memorable day for everyone involved.

Chayan Dutta, residing in Bengaluru with his wife and children, visited his hometown in Assam to seek his parents’ blessings for the Chandrayaan-3 mission. His mother couldn’t contain her emotions, beaming with pride and shedding tears of joy. Despite his busy schedule, Chayan remained connected to his roots and cherished the support and blessings from his family.

Chayan Dutta’s educational background includes being an accomplished alumnus of the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at Tezpur University. Currently serving as a Scientist/Engineer-G at UR Rao Satellite Centre, Department of Space, he holds the esteemed position of Deputy Project Director, leading the “On Board Command Telemetry, Data Handling & Storage System, Lander, Chandrayaan-3” project. His pivotal role in controlling the spacecraft’s functions through the Command and Data Handling subsystem makes this accomplishment even more noteworthy.


The successful launch of Chandrayaan-3 received praise from Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, who commended the brilliant scientists and engineers behind the mission. Assam’s North Lakhimpur rejoiced in the achievements of Chayan Dutta, considering it a significant milestone for their son and the nation. This inspiring endeavor in space exploration will undoubtedly pave the way for new discoveries and advancements.

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