Kharupetia College

Kharupetia College: Assam’s Aspirational District Darrang


In the centre of Assam’s Darrang District, Kharupetia College stands as a ray of hope and illumination. The college, which was founded in 1981 thanks to the tireless efforts of the forward-thinking neighbourhood, has developed into a top-tier institution of higher learning that gives students a platform to design their futures. Let’s examine the institution’s background, goals, academic programmes, and dedicated faculty working to develop students into responsible citizens.

A Legacy of Empowerment:

The story of Kharupetia College began with a vision to bring quality education to the people of this minority-dominated and economically challenged region. The government’s involvement, first with grants-in-aid and later provincial nation, paved the way for greater support and growth. Today, the college proudly holds affiliations with Gauhati University and has received recognition from the University Grants Commission (UGC) under sections 2(f) & 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956.

Mission and Vision:

At Kharupetia College, the guiding light is represented by an earthen lamp, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. The institution aims to be a center of excellence, imparting quality higher education to nurture students into employable and responsible citizens. As an aspirational district, the college takes the responsibility to drive social change, uplift the economically backward, and foster good citizenship among the youth.

Academic Programmes:

The college provides a wide variety of classes to students enrolled in both Higher Secondary and Degree programmes in the Arts and Commerce streams. Students have several options to match their academic interests with their hobbies, from Assamese and Economics to Political Science and Sanskrit. The institution has regularly produced outstanding results in examinations administered by the University and the Council, demonstrating its dedication to academic quality.

Faculty and Institutional Support:

Kharupetia College has a strong and motivated staff of instructors that are committed to giving their students the finest opportunities in the classroom and outside of it. Numerous internal organisations and cells that support and care for students are housed within the institution. The institution fosters a complete learning environment for its students, from the Internal Quality Assurance Cell through the Yoga Centre and Health Centre.

Procedure for Admission and Seat Reservation:

Kharupetia College admits students based on their merit, ensuring that meritorious applicants get a seat. According to government regulations, the college offers a variety of seats in a variety of disciplines, with a specific reserve for SC/ST/OBC/MOBC/PWD students.

Seat Reservation: As per the government circular, a certain number of seats are allocated for SC/ST/OBC/MOBC/PWD students.

Available Seats:( Click the Official Link for More Details)
Category A: H S (Arts) – 300 seats
Category B: H S (Commerce) – 300 seats
Category C: B A (Arts) – 400 seats
Category D: B Com – 300 seats
Category E: B Voc – 120 seats

Subject-wise seats for HS (Arts):
– Assamese (MIL): 300 seats
– Philosophy: 150 seats
– Economics: 200 seats
– Advance Assamese: 200 seats
– Education: 200 seats
– Advance Hindi: 100 seats
– English: 300 seats
– Sanskrit: 50 seats
– Hindi (MIL): 100 seats
– Mathematics: 50 seats
– History: 200 seats
– Arabic: 100 seats
– Political Science: 200 seats
– Geography: 100 seats

Subject-wise seats for B A (Arts) Honors & Regular:
Subject Honors Regular
– Arabic: 50 seats 200 seats
– Assamese: 50 seats 400 seats
– English: 50 seats 400 seats
– Economics: 50 seats 300 seats
– Education: 50 seats 300 seats
– Elective Assamese: – 250 seats
– Elective Hindi: – 100 seats
– Geography: – 150 seats
– History: 50 seats 300 seats
– Hindi: 50 seats 200 seats
– Mathematics: – 50 seats
– Political Science: 50 seats 300 seats
– Philosophy: 50 seats 300 seats
– Sanskrit: 50 seats 100 seats

Please Note That the Information may Change from Time to Time kindly Follow the Official Notification

Empowering Minds for a Bright Future:

The driving force behind Kharupetia College is its passionate teaching faculty, including the Principal, Dr. Mausumi Saha Kalita, and Vice Principal, Dr. Asman Ara Begum. Their leadership, along with the dedicated departmental heads and professors, ensures that the institution lives up to its vision and mission.


Kharupetia College is more than just a college; it represents empowerment and hope for the residents of Darrang District. The college has made a commitment to academic excellence, social reform, and nation-building and is still a key player in determining how the future of the area and its students will be. Kharupetia College is unwavering in its commitment to leading people from darkness to light as the lamp of knowledge continues to shine on youthful minds.

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