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Assam Voter List 2023: Download, Search, Updates

Overview of the voter list

The Assam Voter List 2023 was published in 2023.
State: Assam

Organization: Election Commission

Voter List Status: Available
PDF file format for online download

An Overview of the Assam Voter List for 2023:

The Assam Voter List 2023, commonly referred to as the Electoral Roll consists of people who are qualified to cast ballots in elections. The Chief Electoral Officer of Assam updates and makes this list public once a year. Voter lists and voter ID cards are important records that verify voters’ addresses and identities. The Assam voter list can be downloaded from the official CEOAssam portal using the step-by-step instructions in this post.

Significance of the Voter List:

Elections must be fair and accurate, and this depends on the voter list, which contains the names and personal data of eligible voters. New eligible voters are added and ineligible ones are removed with regular updates. The list also makes it easier to provide voter ID cards, which are necessary for voter identification. In general, the voter list is crucial to maintaining the fairness of the political process.

Assam Voter List Details:

  • List Name: Assam Voter List
  • Issue Year: 2023
  • Organization: Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Assam
  • State: Assam
  • Total Districts: 33
  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: Approximately 4MB

Steps to Download Assam Voter List:

  1. Visit the official CEOAssam portal.
  2. In the “Important Link” section, click “Download Assam Voter List.”
  3. Select your District.
  4. Choose your Legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC).
  5. Pick your Polling Station.
  6. Opt for Mother Roll or Supplement Roll.
  7. Solve the captcha and enter the value.
  8. Click the green “View Roll” button.
  9. Your Assam voter list will be downloaded.

Required Information: Before downloading the voter list, ensure you have the following details:

  • District Name
  • Legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC) Name
  • Polling Station Name

Troubleshooting: If you encounter server errors due to high traffic or updates, try again later. For status updates, visit the official website or contact relevant authorities.

Useful Links:

Guide Video: Refer to our YouTube channel for a video tutorial on downloading the Assam voter list from CEOAssam’s portal.

Assam Voter List Download Portal:

The Chief Electoral Officer’s online portal facilitates free PDF downloads of the voter list. The screenshot below provides a reference for navigating the portal.

[Image: Screenshot of Assam Voter List Download Portal]

Sample Voter List: Online downloaded voter lists are identical to offline versions except for the absence of photos. We hope photo-attached lists will be available online soon.

[Image: Sample Voter List]

How to Download Assam Voter ID: The Election Commission now offers e-EPIC, a downloadable digital version of the EPIC card. Follow these steps to download:

  1. In the “Important Link” section, click “Download Assam Voter ID.”
  2. Register or log in to the National Voters’ Service Portal (NVSP).
  3. Enter EPIC Number or Form Reference Number.
  4. Verify the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.
  5. Click “Download e-EPIC.”

Benefits of e-EPIC:

  • Portable, digital version of the EPIC card.
  • Valid proof of identity for voting.
  • Can be stored on mobile or printed for polling.
  • Self-service model for convenience.


  • What is a Voter List? It’s an Electoral Roll including names of eligible voters registered with the Election Commission.
  • How do I download my voter list? Visit CEOAssam’s official website or follow the provided link for steps.
  • Is Assam Voter List Download Free? Yes, downloading is free; you only need an internet connection.
  • Do online voter lists have pictures? No, online lists don’t have photos. Contact your BLO for photo-attached lists.

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