Assam HSLC Exam 2024

Assam HSLC Time Table 2024 – Exam Dates, Routine

The State Education Board of Assam recently released an update regarding the upcoming board exams for classes 10 and 12 on its official website. This update includes the sample papers and the timetable for the board exams scheduled to begin in February 2024, all available in PDF format. In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive information about the Assam HSLC Time Table 2024.

Assam HSLC Time Table 2024: If you are a student in Assam studying under the State Education Department, you are likely aware that board exams are conducted annually for both class 10 and class 12. The class 10 board exam in Assam is known as the Assam HSLC exam, where HSLC stands for High School Leaving Certificate Exam. The upcoming class 10 board exams for 2024 are scheduled to start in February, and the Assam HSLC Time Table 2024 has been officially released, specifying the dates for each exam.

If you haven’t already begun preparing for the class 10 board exam, it’s crucial to start soon. Practical exams are set to commence in January, leaving limited time for further study, with the board exams themselves commencing on February 15. As per the Assam HSLC Time Table 2024, the exams will conclude before the beginning of April, ensuring quick results. Consequently, you can expect your class 10th results to be available by the end of June.

Assam HSLC Time Table 2024 Overview:

Assam HSLC Datesheet 2024: For students eagerly awaiting the release of the board exam timetable before beginning their preparations, SEBA has made the Assam HSLC Datesheet 2024 available for download in PDF format on their official website. You can easily access it with just one click. Once obtained, print the datasheet and display it in your study area to help plan your studies effectively in accordance with the schedule.

Assam HSLC Routine 2024: Notably, the Assam HSLC Datesheet 2024 for this year has introduced a unique feature. Unlike previous years, where the board exams were conducted once a day, the 2024 board exams will have two shifts. The morning shift will run from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, while the afternoon shift will be from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Below, we have provided the Assam HSLC Routine 2024 for the written exams:

Morning (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM):

  • 3rd March 2024: English
  • 5th March 2024: MIL/English
  • 8th March 2024: General Mathematics
  • 10th March 2024: Fine Art, Fiqh & Aquaid
  • 12th March 2024: General Science
  • 14th March 2024: Social Science
  • 16th March 2024: Retail Trade, IT, Private Security, Health Care, Agriculture & Horticulture, Tourism & Hospitality, Beauty & Wellness, Music, Dance, WoodCraft
  • 18th March 2024: Hindi, Arabic Literature, Garment Designing
  • 20th March 2024: Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Advanced Mathematics, History, Geography, Agriculture, Home Science, Nepali, Computer Science

Afternoon (1:30 PM to 4:30 PM):

  • 16th March 2024: Manipuri, Bodo, Santhali

Assam HSLC Practical Exam Schedule 2024: As you may be aware, the State Education Department has announced that 80% of the marks will be allocated to the written exams, while 20% will depend on the practical exams. Consequently, many students have already commenced their preparations for the practical exams. Below is the Assam HSLC Practical Exam Schedule 2024 for your convenience:

Morning (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM):

  • February 2024: Computer Science, Garment Designing, Music, Dance

Afternoon (1:30 PM to 4:30 PM):

  • February 2024: Weaving and Textile Design, Dance, Fine Art, Retail Trades NSQF, IT/ITES, Private Security, Health Care, Agriculture and Horticulture, Tourism and hospitality NSQF, Beauty and Wellness NSQF, Home Science, Wood Craft

Assam HSLC Sample Papers 2024: In a proactive effort to support class 12 and class 10 students, the State Education Board of Assam has already published question papers for the upcoming board exams on their official website. These sample papers can be valuable resources for your exam preparations. If you are preparing for these exams, be sure to download the Assam HSLC Sample Papers 2024 and make them an integral part of your study plan.

Assam HSLC Result 2024: As the class 10 and class 12 exams in Assam conclude by the first week of April, the examination process, which typically takes two months, is expected to be expedited. Consequently, we anticipate that the Assam HSLC Result 2024 will be released by the end of June. In the event of failing these examinations, students will have an opportunity to take supplementary exams.

For more information and updates, you can visit the official SEBA homepage.

FAQs on Assam HSLC Time Table 2024:

  1. When will the practical exams start?
    • Practical exams are scheduled to start in February 2024.
  2. When will the written exams begin?
    • The written exams will commence in March 2024.

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