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Controversial Hair Trimming Incident Sparks Outrage in Assam School

According to police reports, a teacher in a school in Majuli district, Assam, allegedly cut the hair of over 30 students during the morning assembly as a disciplinary measure. The incident has caused distress among the students, with one child refusing to go to school due to feelings of humiliation.

The school authorities justified the teacher’s actions by stating that the students had violated the school’s guidelines regarding long hair. They claimed that multiple warnings were given, and parents were informed, but no action was taken. The authorities argued that the incident was meant to teach discipline.

In response to the incident, the deputy commissioner of the district has ordered an inquiry. Preliminary investigations revealed that the teacher only reduced the length of the students’ hair, contrary to some reports that suggested a complete trimming. However, the affected students are now unwilling to attend classes.

Parents of one of the students expressed their concern, acknowledging the need for discipline but criticizing the manner in which it was enforced. They stated that while cleanliness and uniformity are important, publicly trimming a child’s hair during assembly is humiliating.

District administration officials highlighted that there are no provisions in the state government’s guidelines allowing teachers to cut students’ hair on school premises. They are currently investigating the matter to understand the full details of what happened.

In a separate incident, a school in Cachar district recently imposed a fine of ₹250 on a student for speaking in their mother tongue accidentally. This decision was widely criticized. The school authorities later clarified that the fine was intended to promote discipline and that collecting money was not their intention.

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